[2017-10-27] ACO - Photomode - HEADER/THUMB

Capture Your Journey Through Egypt With Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Photo Mode

10/27/2017 09:00 AM

Ancient Egypt in Assassin's Creed Origins is a vast and beautiful place where anything can happen. When the game launches on October 27, you'll be able to capture all that beauty and activity with Photo Mode, an in-game feature that lets you pause the action at any time and gives you free control over the camera, letting you rotate, zoom, pan, tilt, and apply filters to create a perfect shot. Once you've taken your photo, it'll be saved to your hard drive and shared to the game's servers, where it'll become part of a dynamic travelogue built from other players' images.

ACO Photomode - Chariot

When you're looking at the world map, Photo Mode's social features let you see (and filter) a selection of images taken by other players, which pops up as small icons where they were taken. Hovering over these icons expands them to show the image and screen name of the player who took them, while also giving you the chance to like them or get a full-screen look.

ACO Photomode - Flying Eagle Black and White

Click HERE to browse photos now.

ACO Photomode - Pharaoh Statues

Assassin's Creed Origins will launch on October 27 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. To find out more, check out our previous Assassin's Creed Origins coverage.

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