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[2017-10-13] EMEA - Monster - HEADER/THUMB

Unlock special items in-game with Monster Energy®!

13-10-2017 04:48

Collect 3 Assassin's Creed® Origins Monster Energy® branded cans and unlock in-game content by redeeming your code(s).

All Assassin's Creed® Origins branded cans will unlock in-game content:
- Single cans will offer either a pack of in-game resources such as Iron, Wood, Animal Skins or currency packs (Drachmas) to facilitate the player’s progression.
- Cans included in a pack of 4 will unlock unique weapons like the Dust-Biter, Sword, the heavy blunt Face-Breaker, the Scepter of Thaati or the Rain Bow

You can redeem your codes here: and have your items available directly at game launch.

Look for the Assassin's Creed® Origins Monster Energy® branded cans in your local stores!

For more information on the redemption process, check the dedicated FAQ.

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