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This Month in Assassin’s Creed® Origins – May

05/04/2018 12:00 PM

This month marks half a year of Assassin’s Creed® Origins! Let’s celebrate by looking back at some of the major content drops for the game. Before jumping into the Animus, let’s look at the month of May.

Title Update

This month, we’ll be deploying a new title update for our players. Amongst bug-fixing efforts, we’ll be implementing the Brazilian Portuguese language pack for the Discovery Tour.

Trials of the Gods

Here’s the Trials of the Gods schedule for the month of May.

May 1–8 → Sekhmet on Normal + Sobek on Hard

May 8–15 → Anubis on Normal + Sekhmet on Hard

May 15–22 → Sobek on Normal + Anubis on Hard

May 22–29 → Sekhmet on Normal + Sobek on Hard

May 29–June 5 → Anubis on Normal + Sekhmet on Hard

Reminder: the trials will continue to cycle through on their weekly rotation.

A Look Back

This month celebrates two quarters of Assassin’s Creed Origins! Let’s have a quick look back at the content additions to the game.

Major Content Drops Released

Over the course of the half-year, we released two major expansions for you to enjoy: The Hidden Ones and The Curse of the Pharaohs.

In addition to the expansions, we released content additions with free title updates: The Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, horde mode, the Animus Control Panel on PC, and several free quests including, but not limited to, the Final Fantasy XV x ACO tie-in quest.

You Helped Shape the Game

Now let’s have a look at how you, our community, helped make the game what it is now. See below for some of the community-requested features that were added to the game following your feedback:

  • New Game+ mode
  • HDR support on PC
  • Enemy auto scaling and Nightmare difficulty
  • Added an interface to toggle Bayek’s hair and beard
  • Changed the infamous blue tools icon to legendary to appease our players ;)
  • Plus tons of additional quality-of-life changes to the game, thanks to your feedback and suggestions

On that note, we want to express our thanks and gratitude to you, our community, for your outstanding support, constructive feedback, and incredible creativity and passion. You helped make the game what it is now.

Community Achievements

Let’s delve into some of the most impressive community achievements in the game. We handpicked three for you below.

Community Achievement – Deadly Assassin

Check out how many combined eliminations you’ve achieved since launch.


(That’s more than twice the population of Earth.)

Community Achievement – Quest hunter

See below for how many quests you’ve completed since launch. This includes New Game+.


(Hypothetically speaking, that translates into 3.4 million completed quests per day.)

Community Achievement – Traveler

Since launch, you’ve traversed Egypt (by land and sea) day in, day out. Let’s see how that turned out.


(In other words, you just circumnavigated Earth roughly 75,000 times.)

Not the statistics you were hoping for? Please let us know in the following forum thread which statistics you’re interested in.

Join the discussion on the official forums. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on Assassin’s Creed® Origins.


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