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Introducing New Game +

02/19/2018 12:00 PM

We're thrilled to answer some questions about the New Game + mode. New Game + will be added to the game on February 20, alongside the Discovery Tour mode.

What is New Game +?

New Game + (NG+) is an option that allows players to start a new saved game while keeping their current character progression, once they’ve completed the main story of the game.

What carries over into New Game +?

All character progression will carry over to NG+, including the following:

  • Equipment (weapons, shields, tools, outfits, mounts)
  • Abilities acquired and available ability points
  • Crafting status
  • Player level
  • XP
  • Inventory (crafting materials, arrows, tools, animal goods, trinkets)

What does not carry over?

Starting an NG+ save, players will restart at the beginning of the game, which will automatically reset some elements, and thus the following won't carry over:

  • Targets
  • Maps and discovered territories
  • Location completion
  • Quest completion
  • Senu’s perception
  • Hidden blade will be unequipped (however, the crafting status will carry over once available in the story)
  • Quest items
  • Papyri

Are activities like the arena, Trials of the Gods, and Hippodrome already accessible from the beginning of New Game +?

All activities are tied to the progression of the game, so players will have to progress in the main game to regain access to them – just as during the regular game progression.

Is enemy scaling activated automatically with New Game +?

Yes, enemy auto level scaling is activated by default when starting an NG+; however, players can deactivate at any time if they wish to do so.

Will enemies be more difficult in New Game +?

When starting an NG+, the difficulty will be increased by one from your previous campaign. This means:

  • Easy → Normal
  • Normal → Hard
  • Hard → Nightmare
  • Nightmare → Nightmare

Will New Game + have any impact on the loot system?

The loot system will remain the same as usual.

Will there be any special rewards for completing the game in New Game +?

Yes, there will be a unique reward for completion of the game in NG+ – but we want to keep that reward a surprise.

Will New Game + override your current saved game?

No, NG+ is a separate saved file.

How do you access it?

The mode will be available after completing the main game. Players can access it by going to the title screen. A new option will be available on your saved game to start an NG+. Once chosen, a new separate save will be created.

When will New Game + be available?

Players will be able to start an NG+ on February 20.

Be sure to join the discussion about New Game + on the official forums. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on Assassin’s Creed® Origins.

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