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Community Team Stream Schedule – February

02/05/2018 12:00 PM

This February, the Community Team will continue to stream weekly from Twitch and Mixer!

Join us for a relaxed and fun romp through Ancient Egypt as we take on the Trials of the Gods, Arena bosses, and whatever new content is out for Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Did we mention we have fantastic prizes too? Each week we give away Season Pass codes, and sometimes we have extra-special giveaways too (like limited edition Assassin’s Creed Origins–skinned Xbox One S consoles)!

February Schedule (Wednesdays Weekly)

  • February 7 at 1 pm EST | 6 pm UTC
  • February 14 at 1 pm EST | 6 pm UTC
  • February 21 at 1 pm EST | 6 pm UTC
  • February 28 at 1 pm EST | 6 pm UTC

Follow our Twitch and Mixer channels for updates when we go live!



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