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[2017-10-30] EMEA news Tobii - HEADER/THUMB

Assassin's Creed® Origins' Eye Tracking Features with Tobii

30/10/2017 06:23 PM

Discover Tobii’s Eye Tracking technology which opens up new gaming possibilities in Assassin's Creed® Origins

Eye tracking allows you to interact with games in a more intuitive way by adding a new form of input that is so ancient humans have been using it way before keyboards. Or even opposable thumbs.

It allows the computer to know exactly where you are looking and then understand your intention.

Tobii’s Eye Tracking feature will assist your Assassin's Creed® Origins gameplay in many different ways, 7 to be exact. Here's the rundown of all Eye Tracking features included in the game:

AIM AT GAZE – Look at what you want to hit and shoot. Aim right on with your gaze instead of having to put your target at the center of the screen. [2017-10-30] EMEA news Tobii - Tobii_aimatgaze-thumb

ENEMY TAGGING – It's great that you can count on Senu to make spotting and tagging your enemies easier. It's even better that you can automatically tag your enemies just by setting your sights on them.

LOCK TARGET AT GAZE – Things going down in full-on combat mode? Locking on your target to assure that hit can be as simple as staring it down. [2017-10-30] EMEA news Tobii - Tobii_locktargetatgaze-thumb

PICK UP AT GAZE – Look at all that wonderful loot! ...and it's yours. Your eyes reveal your intention and ultimately get you what you want.

EXTENDED VIEW – Explore your surroundings with a whole new level of immersion by expanding your field of vision according to the direction you're looking.

DYNAMIC LIGHT ADAPTATION – Another nifty immersion feature, the light adjusts to your focus point - no squinting required!

SUN EFFECTS – Look directly at the sun and get a cool lens flare (bonus: no risk of going blind!) [2017-10-30] EMEA news Tobii - Tobii_suneffects-thumb

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