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[2017-12-12] ACO Horde mode - THUMB

Test Your Combat Skills in the Brand-New Arena Horde Mode

12/12/2017 03:16 PM

Face the ultimate test of survivability and skill in the Cyrene Gladiator Arena Horde Mode.

What Is Horde Mode?

Face the ultimate test of survivability and skill in the Cyrene Gladiator Arena’s new Horde Mode. Pitted against an endless wave of enemies, you will be challenged like never before. The longer you last, the more enemies become varied, numerous, and powerful.

To complement this new mode, we have also created a deadly arena layout. There will be more traps that you can use to your advantage – or avoid, depending on your strategy.

Another unique feature of Horde Mode is that you will fight with the melee weapon you have equipped going into the arena. Once you enter, you won’t be able to swap weapons or access your inventory, so make your choice with care. Don’t be afraid to use this mode to test out new melee weapons!

While in this battle for survival, there are no checkpoints. If you die or leave the event, you will begin at the first wave. Your best score will always be saved so you can track your performance.

How to Access Horde Mode

The new Horde Mode feature will be introduced in a new quest called “Here Comes a New Challenger.” This quest will introduce Thanasis, a Gladiator Master whose best fighters have gone missing.

You can still access this mode without starting or completing the quest by heading to the Cyrene Gladiator Arena, where it will be a new menu option.

[2017-12-12] ACO Horde mode - IMG

Recommend Level

The recommended level to start the Horde Mode is 32. The enemies you face can go up to and beyond level 40.


Fighting in Horde Mode will offer you more than just gladiatorial glory. You will also receive experience and Drachmas: the amount will depend on how long a show you give your audience.

Discuss the new feature with other fans on the official Assassin’s Creed forums!

Make sure you share your best Horde Mode moments with us on Twitter by tagging us @AssassinsCreed.

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