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FebUpdate_Eastern Dynasties header

New content added to the In-Game Store

06/03/2018 05:57 PM

Throughout the life of the game, we will be releasing various new in-game items. Here is the list and details of all additional content released so far.

These items will be available for purchase in the in-game store with Helix Credits, but you can also get them via the Heka Chests in the Nomad Bazaar.

Undead Pack - March 6

Return from the Underworld and terrify your opponents brandishing your Scorpion theme weapons. This pack features the Eternal Vigil mount, the Serket’s Reach (Warrior Bow), the Scorpion Shield, the Song of the Desert (Sickle Sword) and the Pharaoh’s Regalia outfit.

Eastern Dynasties Pack - February 13

Succumb to the Far Eastern fashion and bring a fresh new take on slaying your foes with graceful yet deadly weapons. This pack unlocks the Celestial Raiment, the Sword of Goujian, the Guardian Lion Shield, Courage and Justice (Dual Swords) and Hou Yi’s Bow (Warrior Bow).

For Honor Pack - January 30

Storm camps and fortresses by wielding medieval weaponry used by bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai. This pack contains the Ippei Blade, the Sahalin Axe (Heavy Blade), the Imelda Shield and the Tempest Blade.

Almighty Pack - January 16

The Gods have chosen you to bring swift justice to the world and have bestowed upon you these mighty weapons. This pack adds Seth’s Ruler of the Storm (Sickle Sword), Thoth’s Balance Shield, the Bark of Ra (Spear), the Stick of Bastet (Scepter) and Nekhbet’s Wing (Warrior Bow).

Wacky Pack - December 26

If you’re having a bad day, brighten up your journey and spread the love in Ancient Egypt. This pack introduces the Unicamel, the Cupid’s Bow (Light Bow), the Swordfish (Sword), the Cotton Swab (Scepter) and the LOLCAT (Heavy Blunt).

Gladiator Pack - December 12

Fight for glory in the Arena like a fearless gladiator. This pack includes the Spaniard’s Armor, the Palladium shield, Hercules’ Gladius (sword), Labrys (heavy blade) and Neptune’s Grasp (spear).

First Civilization Pack - November 28

Harness the Godly powers of the First Civilization. This pack contains the Midnight Sun mount, the Moonlit Shield, the Lightning’s Strike (Hunter Bow), the Flickering Daggers (Dual Swords) and the Glowing Mace (Heavy Blunt).

Nightmare Pack – November 14

Strike fear in the hearts of your enemies as you set lands on fire with this terrifying gear set. This pack includes the Shadow Warrior Outfit, the Abyssal Steed, the Barbed Longbow (Predator Bow), the Forlorn Hope (Heavy Blade) and the Ripper (Sickle Sword).

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