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Egypt is on the brink of collapse. Disputed and fought over by powerful monarchs while hidden figures lurk in the shadows, ready to take control. It's time for a new force to rise and stand up against oppression.
The Last Medjay

Born and raised in the lonely and isolated area of Siwa, Bayek is the last representative of the Medjay, a long & ancient line of Protectors in the country. Thanks to his training, he is a keeper of the traditions and beliefs of Ancient Egypt. He has the power to execute justice in his mission to protect those in need.

A personal tragedy forces him to leave his home to hunt and kill every last one of his enemies. During his quest he will cross paths with powerful historic figures such as Cleopatra, Ptolemy XIII or Julius Caesar, who are engaged in an epic war for power. His journey will lead to the creation of the Brotherhood of Assassins.

The Peace Officer

Aya is a native of Alexandria with both Egyptian and Greek roots. She moved to Siwa during her childhood and met Bayek there. While not a Medjay herself she embraced his cause when she married him and received a similar training.

An event in Siwa drove them apart while still setting them on the same path. But Aya has her own view on how to achieve their common goal, and her journey will lead her back to Alexandria where her path will cross the great queen Cleopatra…

The Exiled Queen

Powerful. Intelligent. Beautiful. Cleopatra assumed the throne, along with her brother Ptolemy XIII, after their father died. But it wasn’t long before that power corrupted her sibling, and a coup forced her out of the throne and into a world of exile.

Now, she has to use her intelligence and beauty to convince Julius Caesar, along with the rest of his Roman countrymen, to help her reclaim her birthright and put her back on the throne that is rightfully hers.

Ptolemy XIII
The Boy Pharaoh

At 12 years old, Ptolemy XIII becomes the most powerful person in Egypt. He initially shared the throne with his sister, Cleopatra, after their father’s death, but his youth & naivete made him susceptible to those with darker intentions.

After he leads a coup that drives his sister into exile, he is installed as Pharaoh. But he is nothing more than a pawn in a war much bigger than he could ever imagine, involving forces he doesn't know exist.

The Roman Conqueror

With one eye always focused on surpassing Alexander the Great’s legacy, Julius Caesar’s ambition and drive to become a great conqueror is second to none. This focus, combined with his worldly experience and cunning in battle, inspires great loyalty in his men, helping to make him even more formidable against his foes.

As he looks to Egypt, a proud sovereign nation prey to a power struggle, he sees his next opportunity. But even with the weakness therein, he still needs help accessing Egypt’s inner circles. Enter Cleopatra, the recently exiled and rightful heir to the throne. With this new ally, Caesar may just be unstoppable.

Order of the Ancients
Beware the Dissenters

The Order of the Ancients are a group of the most powerful people in Egypt, who have combined their forces to take power by any means. Acting both in the shadows and through young and inexperienced Pahroah in Ptolemy XIII, this secret society is responsible for the oppression felt all throughout Egypt.

These high powered political and social figures believe that only with control can you achieve peace and order, and they are willing to do anything for it. Not only are they willing to kill anyone who gets in their way, they also exert influence over the major leaders of the ancient world. No one is safe from The Order.