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Inside the Studio: Storyboarding

For this installment of our Inside the Studio series, we’re chatting with Jose Holder, who works as a storyboard artist for Assassin’s Creed, from the games to the comics!

05/12/201709:00 AM

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Inside the Studio: Narrative

We're heading inside the studio for our newest interview series to give you a better look into how Assassin's Creed is made! This time we're interviewing two of our best script writers about their role in making the games.

04/28/201709:00 AM

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10 Years of the Hidden Blade

In 2007, Assassins shared their secrets with us to aid in the fight for humanity against the Templars. The Hidden Blade, the signature weapon and symbol for Assassins everywhere, being one of the most important.

04/21/201709:00 AM

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Assassin's Creed Liberation

The year is 1765. as the events leading up to the American Revolution heat up in the North, Spanish forces plan to take control of Louisiana in the South – but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly assassin who will use every weapon and ability in her arsenal to win freedom for her land and her people.


Whether silently eliminating her enemies with slow-motion chain kills or luring them into deadly traps, Aveline strikes mortal fear into the hearts of those who stand in her way.

Aveline Escaping

As Aveline, an Assassin of mixed French and African heritage, you’ll find yourself on an unforgettable journey that will take you from the crowded streets of New Orleans to New York’s blood-soaked battlefields, from voodoo-haunted swamps to ancient Mayan ruins. Play a pivotal role in the turbulent birth of a new nation as you fight for freedom, not only for yourself, but for your fellow citizens.

Play a pivotal role in the turbulent birth of a new nation as you fight for freedom, not only for yourself, but for your fellow citizens.

Designed exclusively for the PlayStation®Vita system, you’ll take full advantage of PlayStation®Vita touchpads, motion detection, and its built-in camera to execute slow-motion chain kills, pickpocket unsuspecting victims, and pursue your enemies in a canoe. Or connect your PlayStation® Vita to your PlayStation 3 to unlock exclusive items.

This isn’t just a Vita adaptation of an Assassin’s Creed game; it’s an immersive experience designed purely for PlayStation®Vita.

Liberation Story Trailer

Get a deeper dive into Aveline’s background and discover the events that led her to become an assassin.

Aveline. A Triple Threat Assassin

In Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, you’ll play as the newest cunning Assassin, Aveline – adopting her skills, instincts, weaponry and Persona System – a whole new way to play, designed specifically for the PlayStation®Vita.

The Persona System allows you to change from disguise-to-disguise, allowing you to stalk your enemies as you see fit. Confront your opponents directly with the traditional Assassin Persona; don the Lady Persona to charm them into vicious traps; or employ the Slave Persona to incite a riot and elude your pursuers.

No matter the persona you choose, you are Aveline. Wielding a machete, poison-dart blowpipe, and dueling pistols, you’ll master all new ways to hunt down and eliminate your enemies – fighting for your beliefs, your people and your freedom.

Experience a Lifelike World

Feast your eyes on a richly detailed world, thanks to an all-new game engine featuring groundbreaking physics, animation and a new combat system. Outmaneuver your enemies in the Louisiana bayou with an innovative Tree Navigation system, then eliminate them from above with deadly precision. Dive deep underwater as you search for lost Mayan treasures, but stay alert; the hostile wilderness and humid swamps are full of menacing animals.

Assassin's Creed Liberation

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